Geo-Sense was founded in 1992 by Uri Basson, while completing an M.Sc. thesis (1992) at the Department of Geophysics & Planetary Sciences, Tel Aviv University, under the supervision of Prof. Zvi Ben-Avraham, Uri was the first person that worked with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) in Israel. In his master thesis, Uri developed a GPR method for mapping and assessing the spatial water content of sand dunes. The study area was located between the coastal plains of southern Israel and the northern extension of the Negev Desert.

Due to the increasing demand for GPR surveys, Uri realized how important this innovative type of investigation method would be for the development of the region and started to provide GPR services to the general public. Setting up a modest workspace within a corner of his father's art studio in Tel Aviv. Uri Basson officially founded Geo-Sense on October 26th 1992. The success of the initial GPR investigations rapidly brought a substantial amount of work that forced Uri to employ additional staff and to buy more sophisticated geophysical equipment. In the end of 1996, with the increasing demand for GPR studies, Geo-Sense moved to a new office in the center of Tel Aviv. Since then, the demand for GPR surveys was complimented by the acquisition of state-of-the-art GPR instrumentation from Sweden and Canada, with a staff of 3-5 persons. Over the last few years, Geo-Sense has also widened its field of activity and employs a variety of new geophysical tools and investigation methods.

Today Geo-Sense is led by Uri and Gil. It is based in Even Yehuda, a small quiet community located about 30km north of Tel Aviv. This peaceful and conducive atmosphere was chosen by Geo-Sense to provide the best work environment possible. The office is well equipped and comprises a large library and documentation center. The computer lab operates the latest technology both in terms of hardware and software.